Cargo Pickup

We pick up hundreds of thousands of pounds of seafood each week at both Newark Liberty and JFK International Airports. We work hand in hand with brokers to ensure proper documentation is met and the product is FDA cleared.

Freight Breakdown

Have orders to fill? Our team is experienced at breaking down freight to fill orders.

Certified Cargo Screening Facility

We are TSA certified to screen your cargo flying overseas or domestically. We save you money because we have a preferred vendor status with United which gives us the most competitive rate in the industry.

Bar Code Scanning

We have the capability to scan your freight to provide you with the exact weight of each box, detailed product description, and lot number. Coupled with a QC, you can rest easy that all your product is accounted for and in good order.

24/7 Service

This industry never stops, and neither do we. Accommodations can be made for delivery any time and day of the week.